Alfredo Alvarez
An engineer with an art obsession


An engineer with an art obsession


About Me

I'm Avatare also known as Alfredo E. Alvarez. I studied computer engineering as a career and work as professional software developer. All through my life i've been interested in art , practicing it , in any way I have been able to. I really enjoy digital photography and carry my DSLR almost everywhere with me. Besides doing this type of work I enjoy designing websites in silverlight and in normal html. This is a collection of my current work with the purpose of demonstrating the level at which i'm currently at. My craft will change from time to time depending on where my interest go to.

Ordering images

If you are interested in ordering any of the images in this portfolio please visit and feel free to order from there. Multiple options available. If you want exclusive rights over an image contact me to my email at


I have a personal website were i play with some other concepts and its the following feel free to visit.
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